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E Komo Mai

Welcome to HNL®, a casual, locally-inspired, saltwater brand dedicated to those who love the laid back lifestyle of the world’s greatest city...


HNL Brand DNA:

You embrace life on the Pacific Rim. The beach is your playground, the Ko’olaus your backyard. The ocean courses through your veins, trade winds are your oxygen while the sunshine warms your soul.

Between Mauka & Makai

You respect all things Hawaiian and welcome the amazing diversity HNL offers. Diamond Head. Ewa. Mauka. Makai. And everywhere in between. You love it all.

The Capital of Paradise

Aloha is your mantra, Kokua your middle name. Pau Hana is music to your ears. You are half a million strong. Who are you? Where are you from? HNL®...the Capital of Paradise!

Mission Statement:

Find the Sweet Spot!

H N a L o h a


no ka oi